Daniel McCarthy Independent for Leichhardt

Federal Election 2016

Now parliament has been dissolved and all seats declared vacant, as a community, we have a choice.

We can stay in the past and live in a region that is politically neglected or we can elect someone that is driven to represent the needs of the people in securing our fair share. We do not have to stay as “The Forgotten North”

Some of Daniel’s priorities are:

  • The widening and deepening of Cairns Port with the best possible environmental outcome.
  • Working to have the national highway which stops at the Portsmith extended to Smithfield to increase funding opportunities at federal level
  • Working to have the construction of a highway overpass at the Smithfield Roundabout to alleviate traffic congestion
  • Cairns Hospital funding upgraded to be on par with Townsville’s
  • Upgrades to both the Hann Highway and Cape York Development roads.
  • Advocate for a new Dam in the north
  • Encourage additional new thinking to better manage impacts on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Finalise the zoning of the Coral Sea with the best possible outcome for protecting the environment as well as existing sustainable business’s
  • A better deal for pensioners, self funded retirees and veterans. They should not suffer because of political waste in other areas of the budget
  • Continue to fight to protect the reputation of the GBR, dealing with the facts rather than media hype.

Having spent thousands of days at sea as a game fishing operator, Daniel knows first-hand the importance of security and safety during weather events.  “I will be vying for the development of a weather station with Radar and Tsunami buoy at Osprey Reef in the northern Coral Sea that will play a fundamental communications role in managing severe cyclones and tsunami warnings.

On the national issue’s front Daniel holds the following positions:

  • Secure borders must be maintained
  • Balanced budget and debt controlled for the sake of future generations
  • Supporters of Traditional Marriage have Daniel as their only choice in Leichhardt

Mr McCarthy said he will be appealing to the people for support in coming weeks.  “I truly believe our far northern electorate is yearning for some fresh leadership and  Someone willing to put it all on the line and have a crack.  “We need results not excuses”.

“We must not underestimate the value an Independent MP who can fight for the best interests of the north and who doesn’t have to toe the party line at the expense of our regional economy.”

To stand with Dan and give support both on election day and in the lead up, please email email/danthemanhelpers)(gmail.com and leave your details. One of Dan's team will then follow up with you to see how it is you can help.

To give financially to help Dan get our fair share in Leichhardt, please click the donate icon below.

Thanks in advance for your support.